At the same time that the Supreme Leader, by proposing the concept of “heroic softness”,
respected the government’s initiative to open the space for building trust in the international
“We are pessimistic about the Americans, the US government is untrustworthy and
self-defeating, I am not opposed to negotiations but I am not optimistic about the outcome and
I do not trust the other side,” he warned.
These are the compliments that the leader has been warning the officials for years.
The secret of these words is that the leader of the revolution, by emphasizing the distrust of the
United States, wants to warn the nuclear negotiating team that the other side is our enemy, and
he can not be trusted in any way.
While Iran’s 12-year negotiations with the P5 + 1 countries are being pursued in overtime, the
United States, as usual, has been negotiating with the Zionist regime under the table in recent
days, and the negotiations will continue until tomorrow. But it is unclear whether an agreement
will be reached on whether the United States will agree to its commitments.
In a meeting with the students, the Supreme Leader referred to the arrogant spirit of the
United States and in response to the question “What is the task of anti-arrogance after the
He said: “Is the fight against arrogance a closure? Prepare yourself to continue the fight against
In these critical days of negotiations, Fater Fars Media Group presents the animation “Behind the
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