The summary of the story of the Qamus states: In the fourth heaven on the left side of Beit
Al-Ma’mour is a wooden pulpit and broken. They turned it upside down. Everything is over. They
do not remember that the angels kissed the beads of my rosary and overtook each other for
my hands. I choose my bride from among the girls whose mood and mood suits me with my
drunken smiles!
Dorsa Bakhtiar, Reyhaneh Razi, Yadollah Shadmani, Fereshteh Alousi and Nessa Yousefi, Arash
Boroumand, Fahimeh Gardan, Seyed Ebrahim Rokni, Abdolhamid Zare, Samira Abbasi, Sepideh
Mazaheri and Amir Ali Mousaviyan (young recapture) form the team of Qamus actors.
Qamus factors include:
Writer and director: Ali Barati
Producer: Mohammad Fazileh
Moderator: Nafiseh Kheirandish
Director of Photography: Mohammad Reza Sakoot
Recorder: Arash Boroumand
Makeup designer: Massoud Torghabi
Production Manager: Saeed Sharafi Kia
Special effects: Hadi Eslami
Planning Director and Assistant Director: Seyed Bahman Hosseini
Costume: Ismail Khosravani, Iman Eghlidi, Seyed Mojtaba Sajjadi, Sama Sotoudeh and Simin
Artists in charge: Mehdi Safari
Stage Secretary: Mona Khosh Ravesh
Procurement Manager: Alireza Haidarpanah
Photographer: Mohammad Kazem Nakhaei Rad
Behind the Scenes: Ali Foroutan