Ali Barati was born in 1987 in Fars province. His father was a teacher and grew up in a religious family. He has a third level certificate in science and technology, equivalent to master’s degree from the Scientific Foundation of Students (Bonyad Elmi Daneshpazhouhan). He also specializes in ISO, MBA

Some of his positions are: the young advisor to the governor of the city Eqlid, the special representative of the governor of Eqlid, the young advisor to the governor of Fars province, and the animation instructor at Imam Sadiq Elite Center

His artistic backgrounds include the followings: Director and writer of 15 animated episodes on the subject of watershed management of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jihad, directing animation of “children with cancer”, animation of “Children of Mosque” from Channel three, etc

Amongst his honors and privileges are the followings: he has a silver medal and an honorary diploma at International Festival of Inventions of Swiss-Geneva 2011. He is also awarded in Khwarizmi Youth Awards. He has written a book with the title “Noon Mashaddad”, and memorized 10 parts of the Holy Quran